Drunken Rewind for West Orange Healthcare District

West Orange Healthcare Districts mission is to make Orlando the healthiest community in Florida. Knowing that binge drinking was a problem, predominantely among white 21-year-old males, The Public Good Projects asked us to develop a PSA that they would actually pay attention to. Our solution is a 14 part animated series, Drunken Rewind.

Each episode revolves around Doug, a young binge-drinker we developed to reflect our target audience. Doug is visited by an extremely hungover apparition of himself who warns him to drink water between beers, pregame with a hearty meal, and how drinking less could solve his financial and love-life problems.

Sector: Public Health

Services: Identity, Character Design, Writing, Motion, Sound, Illustration

Collaborators: The Public Good Projects, Tom Conger, Kat Shea, Matthew Simpson, Joseph Karg, Ed Jacoby, Tyler Crowley, Stephen Bond