Layla for The Allyn Foundation

The Allyn Foundation is a philanthropic organization that creates engaging and sustained activity aimed at permanent social change in Central New York. We worked with the Allyn Foundation and The Public Good Projects to create the identity for Layla, a chatbot with birth control information for the young women of Onondaga County. Working with young women from the community, we developed an identity and marketing campaign with motion, photography and bold design that speaks to young women of color.

The challenge for young women of Onondaga County who might be interested in birth control is fear that their parents or community will find out. With that in mind, we created visuals for the social campaign that focused on real women and empowering messages, but no mention of birth control, pregnancy, or sex.

Sector: Public Health

Services: Identity, Character Design, Web Design, Motion and Photography, Sound Design

Collaborators: The Public Good Projects, Gene Smirnov, Drew Saracco, Lauren Coghlan, Brittaney DeMoura