Skoolz Rulez
for Trinity Health

Trinity Health is a national health system that provides people-centered health care across 22 states. We were asked by our partner, The Public Good Projects, to write and produce a puppet show for Trinity Health with the goal of increasing family and community engagement in school wellness initiatives.

Trinity Health needed a puppet show that could appeal to parents in 8 different communities across the country. To accomplish this, we created a set of puppets that were racially neutral and sets that exist in Anywhere, USA. We partnered with ZombieCat Studios to build the puppets and Megan Hovany, who art directed and designed the sets.

We wrote each script around a different musical genre, from nineteenth century French impressionism to late 80s Chicago garage, with each script responding to a different school wellness initiative. The scripts, songs, scoring and voice-over were all handled in-house.

Sector: Public Health

Services: Identity, Character Design, Writing, Motion, Sound, Illustration

Collaborators: The Public Good Projects, ZombieCat Studios, Alec Khan, Brad McGaughey, David Villa, Doug Bleichner, Joel Chivington, Kiera Robbins, Laura Bleichner, Lauren Coghlan, Martin Hagar, Matt Brohammer, Spencer Murill, Cedwan Hooks, Trevor May